Secure your financial activities with our legal and contractual audits.

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Our statutory and contractual audit assignments guarantee you optimized monitoring, a precise view of your activities and reliable financial information. AECC secures your business and optimizes your administrative and financial organization. Close to the audited entity, we cultivate the "trust" factor that goes hand in hand with the statutory auditor's mission.

Legal and contractual auditing: respecting ethical rules

We adhere to a code of ethics and ensure quality control to guarantee your financial security. Integrity, competence, independence and discretion are the hallmarks of AECC's auditors, who carry out every statutory audit assignment with honesty and uprightness. Their impartial attitude is characterized by the absence of any prejudice or bias. As AECC chartered accountants are recognized by the CEMAC and the Ordre National des Experts-Comptables, they are not only subject to the latter's control, but also to the obligation of continuous training, necessary to ensure quality work.

AECC guarantees you reliable, transparent and certified financial information within agreed deadlines. The contractual audit is carried out in compliance with OHADA AND IFRS standards.


Statutory audits are carried out in the context of statutory auditing, contribution auditing and/or merger auditing.
The purpose of an audit is to issue an opinion on the fairness of a company's financial statements, and to validate the relevance and quality of financial information.
Statutory audit engagements are based on strict compliance with independence and conflict of interest rules. They are based on the application of national and international auditing standards.

Contractual auditing is a service tailored to your specific needs, with the aim of issuing an opinion on all or part of a company's accounts, in the following cases:
• partial contributions of assets, mergers, company takeovers
• Verifications in the event of a liability guarantee
• Business valuation
• Internal control assessment
• Continuation plan
• Restructuring (acquisitions, disposals, etc.)


  • Statutory auditors
  • Statutory auditors
  • Commissariat à la fusion
  • Social audit
  • Contractual audit (contribution audit, acquisition audit, legal audit)