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Advisory and business creation services

You have an idea, we have the experience

Taking over and creating a business are exciting adventures. However, this is also similar to an obstacle course where you find yourself alone with your project. Indeed, the first months are critical in terms of energy, financial and psychological resources.

It is for these reasons that, the A.E.C.C. Firm provides you with operational support, based on clear objectives that we will define together.

Our intervention includes: an economic, legal, social, fiscal and financial approach to optimise your chances of success.

We can accompany you in:

Choosing the proper legal structure for your business
Optimising your tax system
Choosing the social system
Analysing your investment choices
Engaging with funding agencies
Drafting your articles of incorporation
Legal secretariat.
Cabinet AECC

Let's go together

A question? Send us an email to aecc@cabinetaecc.com

Cabinet AECC


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